Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between SME And Direct Data?

Can I send data to another phone?

If a user’s device has a SIM card and phone signal they can send data from their phone to another user’s phone, as long as the exact same Sapelli project and version of that project has been installed on both devices.

Internet connection is not required for this method of sending data..

How long does MTN SME data last?

30 DaysData Share ServicesData AllocationValidity1.5GB30 Days2GB30 Days3GB30 Days4.5GB30 Days2 more rows

Can I share my data with another phone?

You can use your phone’s mobile data to connect another phone, tablet, or computer to the internet. Sharing a connection this way is called tethering or using a hotspot. … Most Android phones can share mobile data by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. Important: Some mobile carriers limit or charge extra for tethering.

How do you do SME data?

To purchase an MTN SME Data Share bundle, all you need to do is:Send 460 to 131 or dial *460# to migrate to the SME Plus Service Class.You must ensure your airtime balance (on the mobile phone doing the sharing) can cater for the cost of data bundle being purchased.More items…

Does SME data last?

The mtn sme data plans are cheaper, shareable and valid only for 30 days (Except it’s auto renewed to extend duration). It has no daily data plan and weekly data bundles.

How can I send more than 100mb data on MTN?

Dial *131*7# or simply dial *131# and select the 7th option. Pick option 1 and click on send to continue. Enter the phone number you’ll like to share the Data MB to. Choose 1, 2, or 3, depending on the MB size you’d like to share with the person.

How do I qualify for MTN 100 for 1gb?

To activate the MTN 1GB offer, recharge your MTN line with N100, and simply dial 131100#. You get the prompt to subscribe for the 1GB, and that’s about it! you get the 1GB and you’re ready to go!

Which MTN plan gives 1gb for 200?

Mtn 1gb for 200 day plan Just dial *131*1#, select daily plan, select the option with N200 for 1GB (instabinge).

How do you transfer data to someone?

DATA TRANSFERS: HOW TO TRANSFER DATA TO ANY NETWORKTo transfer 10MB, dial *141*712*11#For 25MB, dial *141*712*9#And for 60MB, dial *141*712*4#Log in to www.vtpass.com.Select Buy Internet Data, enter the network and phone number you want it transferred to.

What is the meaning of SME data?

data share prepaidMTN SME is a data share prepaid service that allows business owners or an individual MTN subscriber to purchase data bundles starting from N10,000 to N52,000. and then share with others or you can sell the data to anyone, you can start a business venture buying data and selling to others.

How do I activate MTN 2gb for 500?

To activate the MTN 2GB for N500,Dial *131*1*1*5# or dial *131#.Then select option 1, which is proceed.

How do you become a data reseller?

To become a data reseller, all you need to do is to sign up as an agent with a data reselling company. As a data reselling agent, you will be treated with better discounts and bigger price slash for the data you purchase. That is, you’ll be offered data at extremely cheap prices.

What is SMEs?

A small or medium-sized enterprise, or SME, as defined by the European Commission is a business or company: that has fewer than 250 employees; and.

What is the code to share data on MTN?

To set up MTN DataShare Dial *136*2*163# to buy a data bundle. Dial *136*5# to activate MTN DataShare. Select option 4: ‘Manage Data Bundles’ Select option 2: ‘DataShare’ (here you can link and delink numbers)

How do you Unshare data on MTN 2020?

How Do I Cancel MTN Data Share? As a sponsor, MTN stops sharing your data once you’ve exhausted the current plan. To share a new plan, you have to send Share to 131 again. If you don’t want to share data with a particular beneficiary, you can remove him/her by dialing *131*2#.

How can I qualify for MTN 200 for 1gb?

How to Activate And Migrate To Mtn 1GB For 200 NairaYou need to have a minimum of ₦200 airtime on the MTN Simcard to be used for the data subscription.You dial the code *131*65#, Select 2 as an option in the dialogue box that appears.

How do I find my SME data pin?

Dial *461*4# to register your SME DataShare account line and generate a PIN (if you are a new customer). Dial *461*5# to change SME DataShare PIN.

How do you share data?

There are different ways to share data with a friend. You can send 10 MB by entering *141*712*11*phone number#. If you want to send 25 MB, you can dial *141*712*9*phone number#. In case you would like to send 60 MB, then you can enter *141*712*4*phone number#.