Quick Answer: How Do You Accept Goat Offers?

Are used shoes on Goat good?

Buyers can expect to save between 20 and 50 percent off resale price for GOAT Clean sneakers, as each pair of used sneakers have been thoroughly authenticated and cleaned by trained specialists, including scrubbing the shoes, washing shoelaces, removing lint from lining, and smoothing out creases in leather..

Which is better StockX or goat?

GOAT is similar to StockX. … The main difference between the two is that on GOAT you can buy used sneakers, where as StockX only sells pairs that are brand-new. But the service works the same as StockX: You can bid on shoes or buy them instantly, and GOAT will also authenticate them before they’re shipped to you.

How do you know if you win goat Black Friday?

All prizes offered during the promotion will be listed on the GOAT Black Friday tab in the GOAT App. Prizes will be updated throughout the Event, so check back daily. The ARV of each prize will vary and will be identified with the applicable prize in the GOAT App.

How do goat tickets work?

Put simply, the more tickets you have, the better your chances are at winning. All tickets earned will be replenished at the beginning of every round, and participants can spread their tickets or adjust their number of entries to as many sneakers, packs and GOAT credit as possible.

What happens if goat finds a fake?

If you send items to us that we deem inauthentic or unsellable in our sole and reasonable discretion, the buyer will be refunded the full amount they paid for the items and you will have the option to have the items sent back to you or disposed of by us.

Do goats sell fakes?

The company offers a seal of authenticity for shoes approved for sale on its site. … “Yeezys and Jordans are now the most faked shoes in the world, and over 10 percent of all sneakers sold online are fake,” said Michael Hall, director of data at GOAT.

How do I get goat tickets?

To get more tickets, you have to earn them by exploring GOAT’s worldwide sneaker culture map and find and share the location-specific AR objects to social media.

How long does it take for goat to accept offers?

GOAT on Twitter: “The seller has 72 hours from the time the sale is confirmed to ship.

How do you get rid of goat offers?

If neither have occurred, simply tap the Cancel button on the Orders screen. You may not cancel an offer after it has been accepted by a seller.

Can goat be trusted?

The rise of e-commerce platforms has contributed to the growth of counterfeit goods, making it difficult to find legit online selling sites and platforms. GOAT, which is a nod to the sports term for Greatest of All Time, is one of the most reliable platforms for buying and selling sneakers today.

Does goat charge a processing fee?

They charge fees StockX charges a 3% payment-processing fee and a transaction fee that is determined by the individual seller account and the item being sold. GOAT charges a seller fee and a commission fee that can be about 9.5%.

Can you cash out goat credit?

There is a 2.9% fee for all cash outs. … If you’d like to deposit your funds, simply tap the Sell tab on the app, then tap “Credits”, then tap “Cash Out” and fill out the required information.

What percentage do goats take?

GOAT takes a 9.5% cut of the sale, compared to eBay (via Paypal) of 13% and Flight Club at 20%.

What happens if you cancel a sale on goat?

If your order is canceled, the item may still be available for purchase. Please note, the item may not be available at the same price as your canceled order. For sneakers, you can also place an offer for the item at your ideal price in the GOAT app.

How much does goat take away?

The amount of the commission fee is 9.5% + seller fee for a seller in good standing. The commission fee can increase to 15% + seller fee and a maximum of 25% + seller fee depending on the number of seller cancellations and verification issues, as described in more detail below.

Does goat refund your money?

You have 3 days to request a return from the date you receive your GOAT Clean purchases. Once we process your return, we will refund you for the amount you paid, less the shipping costs to and from you. This refund will be issued in the form of GOAT credit to use on future purchases.

Can you get scammed on goat?

Right off the bat, GOAT is a legit site, and the chance of getting scammed is incredibly low. The team behind the app assures users they’re doing everything in their power to verify the authenticity of items sold through their platform.