Quick Answer: How Do I Get An Activation Code For My Comdata Card?

What is activation code?

Activation Code is a code that is issued when you choose to activate the software manually i.e.

if you do not have an Internet connection available, you can choose to activate manually.

(instead of the Serial Number) and activated the software immediately with or without an Internet connection..

Where can I use my Comdata card for free?

However, Comdata offers access to two ATM networks that are free of surcharges – the Allpoint Network and Regions Bank network of ATMs. For help in locating a surcharge-free ATM, please see below or refer to the cardholder information you received with your card. Note: Comdata fees may still apply to your transaction.

You may call 1-888-265-8228 to have money manually moved from your Comdata Payroll Card to your bank account. It will take approximately 24-48 business hours for money to be moved from your payroll card to be placed into your bank account.

Where can I take out money from my Comdata card?

You can either withdraw cash at an ATM or at a MasterCard Bank location. ATM The Comdata card can be used at most ATM machines. However, to avoid fees use the card at an ATM within the Allpoint Network. Look for Allpoint Network ATM machines in major retailers such as Walgreens, Target and Sears.

How do I check the balance on my Comdata card?

Simply call 1-888-265-8228 and follow the prompts for current balance 2. FREE transactions – best way to use your card: a. Your first transaction each pay period is FREE of Comdata Fees.

Can you withdraw money from a Comdata Card?

Can I use my Pay Card at any ATM? A: Your Comdata Pay Card is accepted at more than one million ATM locations worldwide as part of the Cirrus ATM network. To make a withdrawal, always select “Withdraw from Checking.” Some ATM transactions are subject to a fee charged by the ATM owner.

How do I register a Comcheck?

From a touch-tone phone, dial the IVR at 1-800-741-6060. Please enter the card number, then press the pound(#) key. 3. The IVR asks you to enter and re-enter your 4-digit PIN number and press the pound(#) key.

Can you transfer money from Comdata card to bank account?

Yeah you can transfer money from your comdata card to your bank account but you have to call comdata customer service and let them about what you need and they will ask you to fax a deposit form from your bank with your name, routing number and account number on it and they will do the process but it usually take 3 to …

Can I use my Comdata card at Walmart?

Before you make a mistake contact your carriers comdata person and ask. Yes it is true you can use your card at walmart. However some carriers have their cards setup where you can take pay advances.

What’s the activation code on my Comdata card?

Online Activation The activation code is your nine-digit Social Security Number. Click “next” and continue to follow the prompts until the site indicates that the registration of your card is complete. When you activate your Comdata card online, you will also set up an account profile.

What bank is with Comdata?

Regions BankThe Comdata® MasterCard® is issued by Regions Bank, pursuant to a license by MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.

Can you overdraft a Comdata Card?

The Comdata Payroll Card is a prepaid card and not a credit card. You do not have a credit line or overdraft protection. You may NOT use your Comdata card to make a purchase or withdraw funds in an amount GREATER than the value on the card.

How do I register a Comdata check?

Step 1: Registration. • Go to www.cardholder.comdata.com. … Step 2: Activation. • Enter the 16-digit card number using. … Step 3: Account Profile. • Enter: … Step 4: Registration Complete! … Step 1: Direct Deposit Home Screen. … Step 2: Amount to be left on.Step 3: Set up Manual Direct Deposit. … Step 4: Set up Automatic Direct.More items…

How do I activate my Comdata card online?

Activate a CardAccess the Card Maintenance page from the iConnectData (ICD) menu bar (Manage > Card Maintenance).Enter a search term for the card(s) you need to activate. … Select the card(s) from the list you want to activate. … Select Active in the Status drop-down.More items…•

Where is my Fintwist activation code?

To activate your Fintwist Prepaid Mastercard, you’ll need an activation code, which may be your date of birth, employee number, or a code created by your company. Ask your company for an activation code if you don’t have one yet, or don’t know what it is. 1. Call 888.265.

Where is activation code on Visa Gift Card?

Locate the activation instructions. These can be found on a sticker (usually on the front) or printed on the back of the card.

What bank is Fintwist?

Backed by Mastercard and offered by Comdata, the leader in payroll cards, Fintwist offers users immediate access to their wages and a simple digital tool they’ll love for managing their money.

Can you transfer money from Fintwist to bank account?

If you want to transfer the money to your bank, tap on “Transfer to Bank” Select the amount you would like to transfer. Choose if you would like an instant transfer ($0.25 charge from Venmo) or a standard transfer which takes 1-3 business days (no charge)