Question: Who Owns ShopBack?

How does ShopBack make money?

ShopBack works by giving customers a percentage of their purchase money each time they make a transaction with its partner merchants through its website.

Merchants do not have to pay to get listed with ShopBack but only need to pay a cut to the site if customers buy something from them..

Where is ShopBack?

SingaporeShopBack gives users cashback, while delivering performance-based marketing with high and measurable ROI to merchants. First launched in Singapore in 2014, ShopBack has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, Vietnam, and South Korea.

What happened to Shopee on ShopBack?

ShopBack allows you to earn additional cashback when you shop on Shopee via the ShopBack app. … As of May 2020, Shopee no longer works on the ShopBack platform.

What’s the catch with ShopBack?

Angus explains that there really is no catch. “Shopback works with over 900 brands that pay us a commission on every successful transaction. We simply share that commission with customers.”

Does ShopBack really work?

Yes it’s legit, along with CashRewards which is another popular one. The cashback you receive usually isn’t quick, it’ll be at least a couple weeks to a few months depending on the retailer/offer. After you’ve managed to actually get the cashback credited, there is then a minimum dollar amount to what you can withdraw.

How much is ShopBack worth?

Today, ShopBack averages an order every 2 seconds, with an annualised sales figure of over USD$500 million and 5 million users in early 2018. In April 2019, ShopBack announced that it has closed a $45 million round led by new investors Rakuten Capital and EV Growth, bringing their total funding to US$85 million.

Does ShopBack expire?

The Cashback accumulated in your ShopBack account will expire if your account remains inactive (i.e. no successful transactions are made through ShopBack) for a period of more than a year.

Is Shopee on ShopBack?

ShopBack – Shopee is now on ShopBack!

Is ShopBack a startup?

ShopBack, a Singapore-based startup that offers cashback and consumer rewards in Asia Pacific, has closed a $45 million round led by new investors Rakuten Capital and EV Growth. … “Ebates brings operating experience in the cashback space,” Henry Chan, ShopBack co-founder and CEO told TechCrunch in an interview.

Is ShopBack making money?

How does ShopBack earn money? With every successful purchase you make through ShopBack from our affiliate store of your choice, the store pays us some amount as commission. The commission that we receive, we share part of it with you and we will credit the commission to your account in a form of Cashback.

Is ShopBack safe?

Yes, we definitely are! ShopBack is a registered company with presence across Asia-Pacific including Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and more to come.

Is lazada on ShopBack?

The Lazada Mobile App is BACK on ShopBack! The big app sale is back again and BIGGER than before!