Question: What Happens If I Recharge Idea Twice?

What happens if we recharge twice?

Upon recharging the number twice with the same smart pack, the real-time and the data amount added up to the existing one.

The number showed Rs.

77.04 and 204.8MB 4G data.

Notably, the pack validity remains the same as offered by the previous recharge..

What happens if I recharge Vodafone twice?

If if recharge 599 plan in Vodafone prepaid twice . Did the second recharge get Queued after the first plan expriy ?? You will get validity but both data plans will run at the same time. After it gets finished,you will get only validity,no data to use and no calling to talk.

Can I use two plans in Airtel?

The company allows subscribers to queue up multiple plans in advance. The same option is offered by Airtel as well. According to a TelecomTalk report, Airtel also allows you to queue up your plans in advance so that the next plan automatically activates once the current plan expires.

Can I use 2 plans at the same time in Vodafone?

Vodafone is offering double data offer on select prepaid plans. Subscribers can get up to 84GB data with both these plans. Subscribers will be able to make free unlimited calls.

What happens if we recharge before expiry date Vodafone?

How does this work? If the subscriber has a current plan of Rs 448 and buys a new Rs 399 plan just two days ahead of the expiry of the current plan, then the Rs 399 plan will automatically be queued and it will be activated after the two days.

How can I get double data on Vodafone?

Vodafone still offers double data on all 2GB daily data plans priced at Rs. 299, Rs. 499, and Rs. 699.Vodafone Rs. 299 prepaid plan still offers double data benefits.Rs. 399 double data offer was available in select circles only.Rs. 599 prepaid plan will now come with just 1.5GB daily data.

Can I activate 2 plans in Jio?

Yes you can absolutely use 2 or more plans simultaneously with Jio, after recharge, all you need to do is to activate both plans at the same time in MyJio app. Yes you can absolutely use 2 or more plans simultaneously with Jio, after recharge, all you need to do is to activate both plans at the same time in MyJio app.

Can Jio Recharge be transferred to another phone?

Reliance Jio balance transfer service allow users to transfer Jio balance on the Jio number only. … You can’t do it, you have to additionally recharge on your Jio account from MyJio App. Or there is no ussd service to transfer Jio 4G balance you have to do everything with the help of MyJio App.

Can I do multiple recharge in Jio?

Reliance Jio now offering 303 / 499 multiple recharges Initially when Reliance launched the 5GB / 10GB free booster for 303 and 499 plans it was for the first recharge. But now they are allowing it on multiple recharges as long as the user purchases the pack on or before 31st March 2017.

Can Recharge be Cancelled?

Cancel a subscription In the ReCharge Dashboard, click the Customers tab and search and select the customer account. In the customer account, click the Actions dropdown next to the subscription you would like to cancel and select Cancel. You will be prompted to select the cancellation reason.

What happens if I recharge idea before expiry date?

Normally if your one pack is active and if you recharge with a similar app then the second recharge gets activated only after the first pack gets over or is expired. But if your 199 pack is active and you recharge with a bigger pack then the bigger pack gets activated in place of the older pack.

What is lifetime validity in Airtel prepaid?

Airtel has slashed the one time processing fee for lifetime validity customers from Rs. 295 to Rs. 99, the company said in a statement. … According to the new tariff plan, an Airtel customer on the lifelong plan will have to make a minimum recharge of Rs. 200 every 180 days.

What happens if Jio is recharged twice?

Your second recharge will go in line. Whenever your first recharge plan will expire, second one will take place automatically. If you want to rake benefits from both recharges simultaneously, then activate second one from myjio app.

Can I use 2 plans at the same time in idea?

Unlimited combo packs can be bought and stored at one time and they can be used later on, a report by TelecomTalk revealed. With its Rs 398 plan, Idea is allowing customers to recharge with the same plan multiple times.

How can I extend my Airtel SIM validity?

Airtel has launched a Rs. 23 recharge pack that is designed to extend the validity of prepaid subscribers to 28 days. The new recharge comes under Airtel’s ‘Smart Recharge’ portfolio and is called Plan Voucher 23. Unlike other options under the Smart Recharge category, the Rs.

Can I recharge Airtel before expiry?

You can recharge before the expiry of your current unlimited plan, validity will be increased in this case, as the recharged plan will come into effect only after expiry of your existing plan, this may be confirmed from my Airtel app, this is my personal experience.

How can I extend my outgoing validity in idea?

Here are Few USSD Codes to Increase Sim Validity through SIM Balance. Idea – *369*24 ( Rs 24 for 28 days) OR *150*24# ( 28 days validity) Airtel – *121*51# ( Rs 23 for 28 days) (All plans) Vodafone – *444*24# (Rs 23 for 28 days) *121*24#

What happens if I recharge Airtel after expiry date?

You get grace period of 7 Days after expiry of recharge. Within this grace period, you can recharge and restart your free screen replacement plan. Once this period is over, your benefit cannot be reactivated.