Question: How Do I Log Into Axis ASAP?

What is Axis ASAP zero balance?

Axis ASAP is a Digital Savings Account that you can open anytime and anywhere by simply using your Mobile Number, Aadhaar and PAN details.

Your ASAP account doesn’t ask for physical documents nor a minimum balance requirement in your account..

What is minimum balance in Axis Bank?

Axis Bank Minimum Balance Requirements The minimum balance amount ranges from as low as Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 1,00,000/-.

How can I get axis debit card ASAP?

You can open an Axis ASAP account by downloading the Axis Mobile App or by applying online & registering your Aadhaar, PAN & other basic details.Initial Funding as low as Rs.15,000.Free virtual Debit Card.Instant Account Opening.Minimum Monthly Balance Of Rs. … Initial Funding as low as Rs.15,000.Free virtual Debit Card.More items…

Is zero balance account available in Axis Bank?

Axis Bank’s zero balance account offers a zero balance facility, a free debit card and unlimited free cash deposit. Axis Bank’s zero balance account allows you to access more than 12,000 Axis Bank ATMs, over 2,500 Axis Bank branches as well as internet, mobile and phone banking services.

How can I activate my Axis bank account online?

How do I register for the Internet Banking?You need to click on “First Time User” option.Ensure you have your Customer ID, account number, registered mobile number and your debit card with you.Enter the Customer ID, account number and registered mobile number then click ‘Proceed’.More items…

How can I check my Axis Bank fastag balance?

CONTACT USCall: 1800-419-5959 to get your Account Balance.View all.

How can I activate my Axis bank account?

By Contacting your home branch of Axis BankApproach home branch of Axis Bank personally.Submit a written request to the bank in person to change the status of the account from ‘Dormant to Active’This request must be signed by all joint holders of the account, irrespective of operating mode, to reactivate an account.More items…

What is the limit of Axis ASAP account?

Minimum Monthly Balance Of Rs. 10,000Account TypeASAP Savings AccountScheme CodeSBDIBBasic Service FeesAccount ClosureRs. 500*NetSecure with 1 Touch – Issuance feeRs.1000Monthly Cash Transaction Free LimitsFirst 4 Transactions or Rs 2 lakhs whichever is earlier70 more rows

Why is my axis ASAP closed?

AXIS ASAP Savings Account – Terms & Conditions The customer agrees that failure to complete full KYC within 12 months will lead to his account being closed by the bank.

Is Axis Bank ASAP account good?

This done, your Axis ASAP account is good to use. All you need to do is visit any of our Axis Bank branches within 1 year to regularize your account. Any balance more than Rs 20,000 in the Axis ASAP account earns higher interest rate thanks to the auto FD feature.

How can I know my Axis Bank account is active or not?

DIAL 1800 419 5959 A/c Bal.

How do I reopen axis ASAP?

You need to visit any Axis Bank branch and submit a written application for the closure of your Axis ASAP account….You need to have the following details to open an Axis ASAP Account:Valid Aadhaar Card & PAN Card.Valid mobile number linked to Aadhaar Card.Your name on the Aadhaar Card & PAN Card should match.

Can I reopen my closed Axis bank account?

Submit a written application to the bank. … Banks will require KYC (Know Your Customer) documents. These will include PAN card, address proof and identity documents. Banks do not charge fees or penalties to reactivate a dormant account.

Can we close Axis bank account online?

Note: It is not possible to close axis bank account online. Only account closure form can be downloaded online. … After withdrawing all the money, you can visit the branch and obtain an account closure form from the bank. Once you receive the form, you can fill the form.

How can I check my Axis Bank app details?

How do I check the balance in my Savings Accounta. SMS: BAL to 5676782 for Balance Enquiry & MINI for the last 3 transactions.b. Axis Mobile App: Home > Click on Accounts > Account Balance will be displayed.c. Internet Banking: Click on Accounts & select Operative Account to view the account balance.d. … e. … f.