How Often Do Family Dollar Employees Get Paid?

What is dollar general dress code?

Your on your own, no company provided uniforms.

Black polo shirt with a collar.

Blue jeans with loops for your required black….

Do Family Dollar employees get a discount?

8 answers. No they do not. Sadly No, but if you think about it Family Dollar is a Discount Retail, unlike Big Box such as Walmart and Target. The store doesn’t offer any discounts.

How much do Family Dollar employees get paid?

Average Family Dollar hourly pay ranges from approximately $7.47 per hour for File Clerk/Office Assistant to $16.47 per hour for Transportation Technician. The average Family Dollar salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Crew Member to $78,179 per year for Training Manager.

How long are shifts at Dollar General?

shifts were usually 6 a.m to noon. noon to 5 and 3 to 10. No holidays off and she lets employees take lunches when ever even if you have been working all day she will let others go before you. I’m not sure about distribution center hours, but most DG stores operated from 9:00 A.M.- 9:00 P.M.

What day does Family Dollar get paid on?

ThursdayAt Family Dollar you get paid every Thursday.

Does Family Dollar give raises?

How often do raises occur at Family Dollar? Annually per review. Managers raises are based on store performance and are effected by assistant managers performance also.

How much do Family Dollar stockers make?

The typical Family Dollar Stores Stocker makes $9 per hour. Stocker hourly pay at Family Dollar Stores can range from $8 – $15. This estimate is based upon 14 Family Dollar Stores Stocker salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Do employers withhold first paycheck?

They’re “holding my first paycheck” Employers cannot “hold” your paycheck for any reason. Though there is information available online that indicates that employers hold first paychecks because they are in need of “float capital” or some other borrowing method, this is not true and it is illegal.

What are the shifts at Family Dollar?

Early Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Evening, and Overnight shift hours? Morning to evening shifts.

Does Family Dollar pay minimum wage?

The typical Family Dollar Stores Cashier makes $9 per hour. Cashier hourly pay at Family Dollar Stores can range from $8 – $12.

Do Dollar General employees get paid weekly?

2,095 questions about working at Dollar General DG pays weekly. You will get you deposit on the Money Network card roughly between 9pm and 11:59pm on Thursday, though your…

Does Family Dollar have a dress code?

As long as you wear any type red shirt you can wear black pants jeans or khakis and the red polo you can buy as an associate from the family dollar associate online store. … Cashiers wear black jean red shirt and the assistant managers wear black pants red collar shirt with family dollar logo on it.

What do Family Dollar employees wear?

Red shirt and khaki pants.

How many hours does Family Dollar Give?

Depends on minimum wage change to budgeted hours. 15-20 hours a week are usually the hours for higher volume stores, this location usually gives 8-15 hours a week for part timers.

Does Sykes get paid every week?

The pay is bi-weekly.

Does Family Dollar get paid weekly or biweekly?

Family Dollar pays every two weeks.

What are the requirements to work at Family Dollar?

Most Family Dollar positions require you to be at least 18 years old. However, some locations do drop the minimum age down to 16 years old.