How Is Unifi Mobile?

How can I get Unifi mobile?

You can sign up for a free sim by registering for an account with the Unifi Mobile app which can be downloaded via AppStore or Google Play.

You can collect it for free at your nearest TM outlet or you can have it delivered to you for a fee of RM10.


Is Unifi under TM?

In late January 2018, TM consolidated its brands into unifi. Its TV business is now called unifi TV instead of Hypp TV. Meanwhile, Hypptv Everywhere is rebranded as unifi Play TV (stylized as playtv@unifi). Its mobile brand, Webe, is renamed to unifi Mobile.

Which mobile plan is best in Malaysia?

Overall, Celcom has the best 4G coverage in Malaysia. RedONE and Tune Talk users benefit too, as their telcos ride on the same Celcom network.

How does Unifi Mobile work?

Unifi Mobile has its own 4G LTE network which runs on Band 5 (850MHz). For areas that are not covered, it will roam into Celcom’s 3G/2G network. Since the data is split between LTE and LTE/3G, you’ll need to be within Unifi Mobile’s coverage area and have the right device in order to maximise your usage.

Can Unifi mobile hotspot?

According to Unifi’s community page, the 999GB LTE hotspot pass is available to all Unifi Mobile postpaid customers that are on their higher-tier plans. … Do note that the pass only works on their 4G LTE network. This means you can’t use the 999GB quota when your line switches to 3G.

What is difference between postpaid and prepaid?

The difference between a prepaid and postpaid mobile plan is all about when you pay your bill. On a prepaid plan, you pay for your phone service upfront. On a postpaid plan, you pay at the end of the month based on your usage. This means that a prepaid plan is the best choice is you’re looking to control your spend.

How do I check my Unifi coverage?

You can check service availability in your area online at, via Live Chat at myunifi app or, visit any TMpoint outlets nationwide, tweet us @helpmeunifi or message us at

How much is Unifi monthly?

Our Fibre Broadband plans at a glance.EntertainmentQuota100Mbps + unifi Plus Box RM189 per monthBundle with unifi TV Ultimate Pack FREE unifi Plus Boxunlimited data100Mbps RM129 per monthunlimited data30Mbps + unifi Plus Box RM149 per monthBundle with unifi TV Ultimate Pack3 more rows

Is Unifi mobile coverage good?

Unifi Mobile doesn’t have a good 4G LTE coverage nationwide, in some cases, even worse than U Mobile and Yes4G. Its even worse indoor as the Telco probably has zero or very limited number of 4G in-building coverage in shopping malls and buildings. However, Unifi Mobile customers could always roam on Celcom 3G network.

How do I keep Unifi mobile active?

How do I keep my line active? It’s simple. Just make any outgoing usage, reload or purchase any of the add-ons within 90 days from your last purchase and (or) usage date.

How can I get 1gb free Unifi?

unifi. The free 1GB internet is available for unifi Mobile Postpaid and unifi Mobile #BEBAS customers. It is automatically enabled for unifi Mobile Postpaid subscribers while unifi Mobile #BEBAS customers will have to redeem it via the mobile@unifi app and click ‘Buy Now! ‘ under the ‘Data’ tab.

Is Unifi unlimited data?

Unifi Mobile prepaid now offers unlimited data for RM35/month.

Which line is better in Malaysia?

According to Opensignal, Maxis and Celcom trump other telcos as having the best 4G networks in Malaysia. According to the latest Opensignal Mobile Network Experience Report, Maxis and Celcom are the top two mobile networks in Malaysia due to strong performance in their 4G networks as well as network quality.

Which is the cheapest mobile plan?

The best cheap cell phone plans under $40T-Mobile. The best cheap cell phone plan you can get right now. … Metro by T-Mobile. The best discount carrier overall. … Republic Wireless. Most flexible cheap cell phone plans. … Visible. The most data for $40 a month. … Mint Mobile. … Boost Mobile. … Google Fi. … Consumer Cellular.More items…•

Which is the best prepaid plan in Malaysia?

4 Best Prepaid Internet Plans in Malaysia – May 2020U Mobile Giler Unlimited Prepaid Plans.Yes 4G Konfem Unlimited Prepaid Plan.Unifi Mobile Bebas Prepaid Internet Plan.Yoodo.