How Do I Rename My Lloyds Easy Saver Account?

Can I rename my savings accounts?

You can assign your own description or name to all of your individual savings, checking, certificate, and loan accounts.

This can be a great way to keep track of how you organize your money..

How do I change my Lloyds Bank account name?

Via the appLog on to our Mobile Banking app.Select ‘More’Select your name.Under ‘Your contact details’, select the telephone number area.From here, you can add and update your telephone numbers.

How do I rename my bank account?

In internet bankingLog in to internet banking.Click ‘accounts’ in the top menu, and choose ‘view accounts’Click the symbol that’s in line with the account you want to rename, then choose ‘rename account’ from the drop-down menu.Enter your new account name and click ‘rename’.

How do I delete my Lloyds savings account?

Guide. Log into Internet Banking and you will be taken to the accounts overview. Select ‘More actions’ on the savings account you wish to close. Choose ‘Account services’ and select the ‘Close account’ option.

Can I rename my Halifax savings account?

With Halifax you can separate your goals into different accounts and rename your accounts to help keep track of them.

What is a Account nickname?

What Are Account Nicknames? Account nicknames are a way to easily identify and personalize your accounts in Online Banking. Using this feature is especially helpful if you have multiple checking or savings accounts, credit cards, or other types of loans.