How Do I Become A Takealot Delivery?

Can you sell things on Takealot?

With a few exceptions, you can sell almost any product on the Takealot Marketplace.

Before you can start selling your product on the Takealot Marketplace, you need to ensure that the product you wish to sell is part of Takealot’s Product Catalogue.

Takealot has a catalogue of millions of products..

How much do Uber eats drivers earn in South Africa?

How much do Uber Eats Drivers Earn in Johannesburg? UberEATS drivers in Johannesburg earn approximately R302 920 per year (South African Rand). The average UberEATS driver earns about R97. 09 per trip and makes about 2 trips per hour (R194.

How long does it take to get something from Takealot?

Courier collection Our couriers will contact you within 1 to 2 business days after you have logged your return, to arrange the collection.

How much do Takealot drivers make in South Africa?

How much does a Driver make at in South Africa? Average Driver monthly pay in South Africa is approximately R 6 875, which is 19% below the national average.

What happens if I miss my Takealot delivery?

If your delivery is eligible for rescheduling, a Reschedule Delivery button will be displayed on the Order Detail page. Choose a new delivery date from the available options and select Save Date. A confirmation message will be displayed to confirm that the rescheduling has been successful.

Can someone else sign for my Takealot order?

If someone else signs for it, they’ve committed fraud. Best way would be to call / post on social media / etc. Takealot have been pretty decent in fixing their numerous mistakes, but this could be a grey area. If you paid by credit card, you may have some luck doing a chargeback.

How does Takealot delivery work?

We’ll deliver your order by the Estimated Delivery Date provided in your Payment Confirmation email. You can also track your delivery at any time by selecting the Order from your Order History on your Takealot Account profile here. This is the most current tracking information we have for your order.

Do Takealot deliver on Sundays?

@Armstrong_C Yes we deliver weekends.

Can you collect from Takealot?

You can collect or return your order at a Takealot Pickup Point near you during the following operating hours.

How much do Takealot drivers make?

Become a driver partner with Takealot! Hundreds of Takealot delivery drivers earn between R5000 & R12000 per month, so sign up today.

Do deliveries for Takealot?

Since 2019, the Takealot Delivery Team also delivers packages to Takealot Pickup Points across the country, allowing shoppers to collect orders at their convenience. … Today, the Takealot Delivery Team has 55 branches nationwide and over 2900 drivers.

How does Takealot make money?

Takealot pricing You will have to pay a monthly subscription fee which is R300 based on each account that you hold with them. Moreover, there is a fee charged for receiving your items into the warehouse as well as for packaging and delivering the items that have been sold to each customer.

How much is Takealot delivery?

Takealot charges R60, with orders over R450 delivered free.